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Bulk Buying

Half Hogs

We're taking deposits now for half hogs available throughout the mid-late summer and fall. Pick up is at Revel Meat Company in Canby, Oregon.


Your cost will be $4.50/pound for a half hog, plus butcher fees. Final cost will be determined by the dressed weight of the animal before it is cut and wrapped. A half hog will typically weigh around 100 pounds "on the hook," and yield 60-70 pounds of wrapped meat, ready for cooking. The weight lost is moisture and excess fat, skin, and bones. 

Butcher fees will vary based on your preferences, but a typical butcher bill will be around $125 per half. This includes slaughter, meat cutting, smoking, curing and packaging.

Total costs: $450 (half hog animal cost, payable to Campfire Farms) + $125 (butcher cost, payable to butcher) = $575 total for one half hog

How much meat is that?

You get to make all of the choices about how you want your pork divided, including all of the cuts and the choices of sausage and cured meats. 

Here’s an example of what you could get back from a half of a hog – this will obviously vary depending on the animal and your choices from the butcher:

  • 14 lbs loin chops or loin roasts

  • 3 lbs ribs

  • 9-12 lbs sausage

  • 10 lbs ham

  • 10 lbs bacon

  • 14 lbs shoulder roasts

  • 5 lbs stew bones and hocks

  • 6 lbs fat

Box o' Pork

Photo by  The Weaver House

Available May 2019.

If you aren't ready for the half hog, we offer an easy bulk box option: the Box o' Pork. It's about 25 pounds of sausage and roasts and costs an even $200 all cut and wrapped and ready to go. This is 10% off our retail prices at market.

Exact amounts will vary based on availability, but a typical box includes:

  • 5 lbs pork chops

  • 7 lbs sausage (bratwurst, breakfast, etc.)

  • 4 lbs ground pork

  • 9 lbs shoulder roasts

It's a great way to stock up the freezer without having to buy a new one for the garage! This will typically fit in about one cubic foot of space.

Available May 2019.

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